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Introducing our Local Social Impact Investment Fund

Update: As of February 9, 2016 our Direct Public Offering is now closed!

Thanks to widespread support from impact investors, the Mendocino Wool Mill received full funding!

Our Direct Public Offering

Capitalize on the rich, innovative spirit of our community

Our Direct Public Offering provides a unique opportunity to move your money off of Wall Street and onto Main Street, and invest in social entrepreneurs who value people, profit and our planet. This is a chance to build a more engaged community, create better jobs, smarter growth, and a legacy for future generations. If you share this vision, we want to know you.

  • $259,000 from 76 Individual Investors
  • $92,000 from 11 Businesses, Organizations & Associations
  • Total Raised: $351,000

    Minimum Goal: $250,000. Funding required for Wool Mill to be fully operational: $350,000


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