EDFC Direct Public Offering of Local Impact Notes

An innovative new way to move your money into Mendocino and invest in social entrepreneurs for a sustainable future.

EDFC’s mission is “Connecting money and ideas with entrepreneurs to create sustainable prosperity in Lake and Mendocino Counties.”  Entrepreneurs in our community are challenged with rugged terrain, low population density, and lack of broadband infrastructure. For those entrepreneurs or non-profits who prioritize social impact, these issues are magnified.

DPO 3EDFC also incubates opportunities until they are viable for an entrepreneur to step in. These opportunities include a small-scale meat processing facility or woody biomass utilization.

This need for access to patient capital is coupled with a desire for individual investors to invest locally. Not only accredited, but also non-accredited investors have expressed this desire.

EDFC has been working with Cutting Edge Capital and is now proud to offer Local Social Impact Investment Notes.

EDFC is seeking to raise up to $1,000,000 from qualified investors with a minimum investment of $1,000 at 2% over 6 years.

How To Invest
If you would like to learn more about becoming an EDFC investor please contact us.

DISCLAIMER: These securities are offered only to California residents who meet certain suitability standards and other requirements pursuant to the Department of Business Oversight application ID  #1066. THE COMMISSIONER OF THE DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS OVERSIGHT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA DOES NOT RECOMMEND OR ENDORSE THE PURCHASE OF THESE SECURITIES.